Type 719 Coast Guard (CCG) Cutter

Type 719 Coast Guard (CCG) Cutter

The Type 719 Cutter is the direct successor to the Type 718 Cutter, a design which has produced a single ship.

It is an attempt to create a modern, cost-effective coast guard vessel for both domestic use and the export market.

The Type 719 Cutter, tentatively dubbed the Xiamen class, is physically similar to the Type 718.

It is slightly larger, a good deal heavier, and boasts substantially increased armament intended to give the ship the ship a better defensive capacity.

The entire vessel has been lengthened by some 8 meters, the engines have been replaced, the armament has been replaced, the helipad has been reinforced to address some structural concerns over the vessel’s operating lifetime, and the inclusion of improved communications and navigation equipment.

The Xiamen class will also feature two high-speed boats and a hangar for its helipad.

Specifications ;

  • Length: 108m
  • Beam: 14m
  • Draft: 4.5m
  • Displacement: 1,750 tonnes
  • Propulsion: CODAG
  • Maximum Range: 7,500nm
  • Cruising Speed: 12kt
  • Maximum Speed: 24kt
  • Typical Crew: 104 (incl. 15 officers), up to 16 embarked marine infantry
  • Armament
    – 1x Type 61 25mm autocannons (2×1)
    – 2x Type 85 14.5mm HMG
    – 2x Type 87 6-tubed ASW mortar
    – MANPADS, small arms
  • Aviation Facilities: Helipad and hangar (one helicopter token)

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