Amazing Combat Capability of J-28 Sixth-Generation Fighter Jet

New Super Supersonic Aircrafts
New Supersonic Aircrafts, J-28

A Russia media has recently exposed: China is doing research for the development of J-28, its sixth-generation fighter jet.
It is precisely what China has always been doing in developing its weapons: Production and improvement of one generation, research and development for the next generation, preliminary research form a third generation and exploration for a fourth.
China’s Aviation Research Institute No. 611 is now doing the research for J-28, which shall be a sixth-generation multi-function stealth fighter jet. It is said that J-28 is able to conduct accurate conventional hit to counter the nuclear threat from the entire solar system.
The laser weapon a J-28 carries is so strong that it can melt a nuclear missile launched from any planet or satellite in solar system. J-28’s speed is so high that even if it fails to intercept a missile the first time, it can chase the missile to hunt it.
In addition, it is such a wonderful stealth fighter that it cannot be detected by either radar or radio telescope.
The report says as the United States has conducted enough survey to know the Mars, it is expected that the US will establish a nuclear missile base in 2018.
In order to deal with the nuclear threat from solar system, China has begun its development of J-28, its sixth-generation multi-function stealth fighter jet.


6th generation fighter, stealth performance is significantly higher than the 5th  generation fighters in a full range flight, from subsonic, supersonic to hypersonic flight, equipped with sensors fusion and highly sensitive avionics system in full electromagnetic spectrum, both manned to unmanned, carrying various types of directed energy weapons, such as electromagnetic gun and laser weapon.
Under this technological standards, 5th generation fighters like F-22, F-35, T-50, J-20, J-31 will be easily defeated by 6th air combat system.
And China’s 6th generation fighter is not only a combat aircraft, as well as an information platform, or a node of battle-field network. It can transfer enemy targets information to whole C4ISR system in real-time to provide decision-making basis for effectively combat; the other hand, it can also get any necessary information from network to maximizing combat performance. Besides, the 6th generation fighter can complete routine air combat and ground attack missions within the atmosphere, and implement accurate precision strikes on selected remote targets from near space.
From the development speed of SAC’s new drone, 2020 will be the deadline of China’s sixth generation fighter. Beside SAC (Shenyang Aircraft Corporation), CAC (Chengdu Aircraft Corporation) will also develop a sixth-generation fighter. Actually the Chinese 6th generation fighter is a huge family: one heavy fighter, one medium-sized fighter as well as a variety of stealth unmanned combat platforms, such as “dark sword”.

Shenyang Dark Sword

In the development process of China’s 6th generation fighter, there is no shortcut to copy U.S. or Russian existing fighters. China has to acquire a lot of aviation high-techs through its own R & D activities.In recent years, China has provided full support for defense high-tech areas, such as new materials, microelectronics, and propulsion system. And more young people enter Chinese Aviation Industry R & D teams.
Therefore China have the ability and confidence to create a new world record in the field of the sixth-generation fighter.
Source: “Amazing combat capability of China’s sixth-generation J-28 fighter jet: An accurate hunter of nuclear missile from solar system”